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Jorge has devoted considerable time to read and write, publishing works for children, adolescents and adults.  His works include novels, short stories, articles, reviews, interviews, poems and especially comic books, magazines and newspapers in various countries. For several years now, he has studied the phenomenon of Attention, developing a workshop that aims to contribute to the self knowledge, harmonization and the integration of personal, emotional and creative expression.http://www.jorgezentner.com/



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Jordi Ros is co-founder of Labdoo (www.labdoo.org), a not-for-profit social network that aims at providing a solution to the Global Digital Divide. Labdoo has developed and continues to build on a distributed social network to empower everyone owning a laptop or tablet to participate in a global effort of providing access to Internet and education to all the children of the planet, using excess capacity and distributed resources without incurring any economic or environmental cost. The project is already spread to more than 100 countries, servicing laptops loaded with education software to more than 550 schools and enabling education to more than 150,000 students around the globe.

Jordi holds a PhD in Computer Science, a Master in Economics and Business Administration from the University of California, and a BSc in Telecommunications Engineering from BarcelonaTech University.  https://www.labdoo.org/ 

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Carles is a social entrepreneur and the CEO and co-founder of the Delivering Happiness at School initiative, a project that aims at inspiring schools to walk along kids for a happier life. The project has received recognition by the B-Challenge program of Ship2B, a social entrepreneurs’ incubator. He strives to make a difference in the education sector by contributing with positive experiences on how values, emotions and purpose can make a powerful potion for personal human growth. He previously worked at McKinsey and Company, a global management consulting firm, and earned an MBA from Harvard Business School. 


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